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You've reached the website of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre. The Parabola project is a community-driven, "labour-of-love" effort to maintain a 100% free (as in: freedom) operating system distribution that is lean, clean, and hackable.

Based on the Arch distribution, Parabola is a complete, user-friendly operating system, suitable for general "everyday" use, while retaining Arch's "power-user" charm. Parabola adheres to the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (FSDG); which requires source code for every part of the system to be freely available, modifyable, and re-distributable. All Parabola packages are built from source, in clean chroots, and with networking disabled, in order to replace any software and artworks in the standard Arch system which fall outside the GNU guidelines. LiveISOs, installers, and packages are provided for the armv7h, i686, and x86_64 CPU architectures.

Our community is friendly and helpful. Feel free to hop on the IRC channel, subscribe to the mailing lists, or join the web forum to get your feet wet. Once you are ready to begin your adventures through Fosstopia, the wiki will guide you well toward learning to install and use Parabola comfortably and confidently.

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Latest News

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IceWeasel-75.0 changes default WebRTC behaviour


IceWeasel-75.0-1.parabola2 brings an important update to the default configuration. We are relaxing the WebRTC privacy settings to allow Jitsi to function, bringing fully free video conferencing to parabola GNU/Linux-libre. The flip side of this change is that under certain circumstances this may be exploited in a way that the browser may leak local addresses in VPN connections. The browser extension 'uBlock Origin' provides a setting to prevent this from happening, and we are investigating ways to harden IceWeasel against such attacks.

In the meantime, to retain the old behaviour, set 'media.peerconnection.enabled' to 'false' in about:config.

[From Arch] zn_poly 0.9.2-2 update requires manual intervention


The zn_poly package prior to version 0.9.2-2 was missing a soname link. This has been fixed in 0.9.2-2, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked files created by ldconfig. If you get an error

zn_poly: /usr/lib/libzn_poly-0.9.so  exists in filesystem

when updating, use

pacman -Syu --overwrite usr/lib/libzn_poly-0.9.so

to perform the upgrade.

[From Arch] nss>=3.51.1-1 and lib32-nss>=3.51.1-1 updates require manual intervention


The nss and lib32-nss packages prior to version 3.51.1-1 were missing a soname link each. This has been fixed in 3.51.1-1, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked files created by ldconfig. If you get any of these errors

nss: /usr/lib/p11-kit-trust.so exists in filesystem
lib32-nss: /usr/lib32/p11-kit-trust.so exists in filesystem

when updating, use

pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib\*/p11-kit-trust.so

to perform the upgrade.

[From Arch] hplip 3.20.3-2.par1 update requires manual intervention


The hplip package prior to version 3.20.3-2.par1 was missing the compiled python modules. This has been fixed in 3.20.3-2.par1, so the upgrade will need to overwrite the untracked pyc files that were created. If you get errors such as these

hplip: /usr/share/hplip/base/__pycache__/__init__.cpython-38.pyc exists in filesystem
hplip: /usr/share/hplip/base/__pycache__/avahi.cpython-38.pyc exists in filesystem
hplip: /usr/share/hplip/base/__pycache__/codes.cpython-38.pyc exists in filesystem
...many more...

when updating, use

pacman -Suy --overwrite /usr/share/hplip/\*

to perform the upgrade.

[From Arch] rsync compatibility


Our rsync package was shipped with bundled zlib to provide compatibility with the old-style --compress option up to version 3.1.0. Version 3.1.1 was released on 2014-06-22 and is shipped by all major distributions now.

So we decided to finally drop the bundled library and ship a package with system zlib. This also fixes security issues, actual ones and in future. Go and blame those running old versions if you encounter errors with rsync 3.1.3-3.

Older News

[From Arch] Now using Zstandard instead of xz for package compression
manual intervention required (xorgproto dependency errors)
[From Arch] Required update to recent libarchive
[From Arch] `base` group replaced by mandatory `base` package - manual intervention required
ATTN: bleachbit users
[From Arch] astyle>=3.1-2 update requires manual intervention
[From Arch] libbloom>=1.6-2 update requires manual intervention
caution regarding the 'libidn2' package with systemd
Parabola officially supports librebooted Asus Chromebook C201
Important notice for OpenRC users on i686

Recent Updates (more)

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libical 3.0.8-2.0 i686
gnome-taquin armv7h/i686
perl-number-compare 0.03-9.0 i686
php 7.4.6-1.0 i686
perl-math-round 0.07-4.0 i686
libcbor 0.7.0-1.2 i686
python2-configparser 4.0.2-2.0 i686
x2goserver i686
rav1e armv7h/i686
python-cffi 1.14.0-3 armv7h
x2goclient i686
rpmextract 1.0-9.0 i686
python-mccabe 0.6.1-5.0 i686
libmusicbrainz5 armv7h/i686
freecell-solver 5.24.0-1.0 i686