A fully free, simple, and lightweight operating system

You've reached the website of the Parabola GNU/Linux-libre operating system. The Parabola project is a community driven effort to provide a fully Free (as in freedom) operating system that is simple and lightweight.

Derived from Arch (the GNU/Linux distribution), Parabola provides packages from it that meet the Free System Distribution Guidelines (FSDG) and replacements for the packages that don't meet this requirement. Packages are provided for the i686, x86_64, and armv7h architectures.

Our community is friendly and helpful. Please hop on IRC channel and check out our mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki if you want to learn more about Parabola.

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If you are having trouble with Megver83 GPG Key


Specifically the newest Linux-libre kernel

Try running:

   $ sudo pacman -S parabola-keyring
   $ sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys

Mesa upgrade may require manual intervention


Due to a little boondoggle, some users may have trouble upgrading mesa because pacman can't figure out the dependency tree. If this is the case, and pacman tells you that it can't satisfy dependencies on mesa-libgl, then you should be able to resolve this by manually telling pacman that the resolution is libglvnd:

# pacman -Su libglvnd

Additionally, multilib users may need to manually downgrade from the no-longer-existing libre-multilib/lib32-mesa and friends to multilib/lib32-mesa and friends.

[From Arch] ca-certificates-utils 20170307-1 upgrade requires manual intervention


The upgrade to ca-certificates-utils 20170307-1 requires manual intervention because a symlink which used to be generated post-install has been moved into the package proper.

As deleting the symlink may leave you unable to download packages, perform this upgrade in three steps:

# pacman -Syuw                           # download packages
# rm /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt  # remove conflicting file
# pacman -Su                             # perform upgrade

Chromium blacklisted to respect your-freedom


Due to outstanding privacy and freedom violations in Chromium, qt5-webengine and popcorntime have been removed. We will make our best effort to find replacements and patch any affected software. Please see our announcement on the mailing list following recommendation from Mr. Stallman.

proton.parabola.nu server is up!


As you may have noticed, we have lost the public IP of the proton.parabola.nu server 10 days ago.

The unexpected outage (main website, bug tracker, email) is up now, however the DNS TTL is set to 5 minutes, so it may take a while for the switch-over to become visible to some users.

Older News

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GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 has been added as one of the license alternatives for PMC (Parabola Multimedia Collections)
GNU and Bola comic book titled "IoT" is available in British English language!

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gcc 7.2.0-1 i686/x86_64
libtool 2.4.6+40+g6ca5e224-1 i686/x86_64
fakeroot 1.22-1 i686/x86_64
glibc 2.26-1 i686/x86_64
curl 7.55.1-2 i686/x86_64
valgrind 3.13.0-3 i686/x86_64
lz4 1:1.8.0-1 i686/x86_64
binutils 2.29.0-1 i686/x86_64
gcc-multilib 7.2.0-1 x86_64
lib32-glibc 2.26-1 x86_64
valgrind-multilib 3.13.0-3 x86_64
kio 5.37.0-1.parabola1 i686/x86_64
digikam 5.6.0-2.parabola1 i686/x86_64
inkscape 0.92.2-2 i686/x86_64
perl-net-dns 1.12-1 any