A fully free, simple, and lightweight operating system

You've reached the website of the Parabola GNU/Linux-libre operating system. The Parabola project is a community driven effort to provide a fully Free (as in freedom) operating system that is simple and lightweight.

Derived from Arch (the GNU/Linux distribution), Parabola provides packages from it that meet the Free System Distribution Guidelines (FSDG) and replacements for the packages that don't meet this requirement. Packages are provided for the i686, x86_64, and armv7h architectures.

Our community is friendly and helpful. Please hop on IRC channel and check out our mailing lists to get your feet wet. Also glance through our wiki if you want to learn more about Parabola.

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[FISL17] Conference video and stand photos are available!


We're very happy to announce that we have some recorded moments of our participation in the stand and conference available in Parabola.

Further details:

New install medium 2016.07.09


Dual architecture (i686 and x86_64):

  • Main ISO - Live ISO image for installation and recovery.
  • MATE desktop ISO - Live ISO image for installation and recovery (with MATE Desktop Environment).
  • TalkingParabola ISO - Live ISO image for installation and recovery (adapted for blind and visually impaired users).

Download information can be found here.

Parabola will take part in FISL17


Today we're announcing that Parabola will take part in the 17th edition of FISL (Fórum Internacional Software Livre), the Free Software conference organized by Associação Software Livre in Brazil, Porto Alegre on July 13-16 2016.

This year’s edition, Parabola will have its official conference at July 13, 16:00 hrs (UTC-3) in Brazilian Portuguese language. The speakers will be our Brazilian Parabola devs called André Silva (known as Emulatorman) and Márcio Silva (known as coadde). Even, Parabola will have its own stand with the participation and support of Crazytoon who is our Parabola cartoonist and made our GNU ...

Parabola will take part in Coliberator 2016


Today we're announcing that Parabola will take part in Coliberator, the Free Software conference organized by our fiscal sponsor Fundația Ceata in Bucharest, Romania on June 4-5 2016. Fundația Ceata proposed to share Parabola stickers left from FOSDEM. So they will distribute them at their booth!

This year’s edition of the conference will have speakers as our Parabola friends called Jordi Lopez and Paul Kocialkowski. Jordi is a tech entrepreneur from Spain. His ethical company Librebits develops responsive websites based on libre platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Moodle, and offers services of IT infrastracture migration to the ...

Parabola receives VPS Sponsorship from 1984 Hosting Company


All of us at Parabola would like to thank 1984 Hosting Company (www.1984.is) for their generous support!

1984 Hosting Company is the largest web hosting company in Iceland. Their goal is to provide affordable, fast, and reliable services, while protecting civil rights. These rights include the freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the right to anonymity and privacy. They also use free software and green energy in their business model.

With their support, we will be continuing to grow our ARMv7 port of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, as well as the opportunity to include additional fully free ...

Older News

Parabola has a new mascot called Bola
[From Arch] Required update to pacman-5.0.1 before 2016-04-23
Gandi sponsors Parabola's domain name
Robofun sponsors Parabola ARM port with a BBB board
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Parabola GNU/Linux-libre supports ARMv7
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Parabola receives fiscal sponsorship from Fundația Ceata

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ccache 3.2.7-1 i686/x86_64
racket 6.6-1 i686/x86_64
connman 1.33-1 i686/x86_64
python-tornado 4.4.1-1 i686/x86_64
jupyter 4.1.0-4 any
perl-net-openssh 0.73-1 any
python2-polib 1.0.7-1 any
perl-test-simple 1.302047-1 any
vim-airline-themes r1146.5a6453c-1 any
flightgear-data 2016.2.1-1 any
xonotic-data 0.8.1-1 any
tldp-howtos-txt 20130530-1 any
singularity 0.30c-8 any
fillets-ng-data 1.0.1-1 any
spring-1944 2.0-1 any