Package Todo Lists

Todo lists are used by the developers when a rebuild of a set of packages is needed. This is common when a library has a version bump, during a toolchain rebuild, or a general cleanup of packages in the repositories. The progress can be tracked here, and completed todo lists can be browsed as well.

Name Creation Date Creator Description Package Count Incomplete Count Status
Make install and begginer's guides that don't recommend unfree software to users 2011-01-02 Nicolás Reynolds Arch's install and begginer's guide are super complete and great in general, but they contain certain recommendations about using proprietary software. We should copy them into our wiki after removing this bits. 0 0 Complete
Make an /etc/rc.d/parabola-site-fcgi daemon 2010-11-19 Joshua Ismael Haase Hernández We should make everything in the site as automatic as posible, making this would allow to add this to the daemons array and forget about it. 0 0 Complete
Package gnu-ghostcript 2010-11-18 Joshua Ismael Haase Hernández Take vanilla ghostscript, delete the cmaps files and mod the makefile as necesary, make a PKGBUILD. 0 0 Complete