Parabola Presentation

In 2009 we started a project to offer the Free Software community the chance of using an Arch system completely freed from non-Free software.

Today we have repositories and installable images of this wonderful GNU/Linux distribution from which we have eliminated the non-Free software contained in its official repositories and which we have replaced with Free alternatives whenever we could.

The first example is Linux-libre, the kernel without blobs nor non-Free firmware. Followed by GNU IceCat, the Free fork of Mozilla Firefox that doesn't recommend non-Free addons, and that in our case neither recommends services that spy on you like the Google search engine.

Why you should use Parabola GNU/Linux-libre

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre equals software freedom plus all power to the users. GNU plus ArchWay. With a continuosly updated system, simple to manage, simple to package, you can build your own operating system in the way you want and learn a lot along the way.

Free the GNU/Linux distribution of Arch

Following the minimalist, KISS, spirit of Arch, we have managed to achieve its freedom in a simple way. To Free your Arch installation, just install our Free repositories list and update your system.

No reinstallation needed.


Boring tasks are always available. We want to start new projects. We want to help people have servers of their own, with services of their own, with Parabola Social. We want people to remix their own Arch system and share it with the rest of the world.

We want Free Software with a social utility for a Free society.

But we need your help. If all of us share a little of the boring work, we'll have more time to do the really fun stuff.

Remaining tasks: