Parabola support for mips64el discontinued

While this decision was made a while ago, it never (apparently) got written up as a news post: We have discontinued support for the mips64el architecture.

The Parabola developers working on MIPS had been slowly losing their hardware; sometimes to hardware failure, sometimes to theft. By May 2014, I think only one developer still had MIPS hardware to develop on; the final commit to the MIPS repository took place in July 2014.

I believe a discussion took place on IRC prior, in March this year, a discussion took place on the mailing list about the future of the mips64el port.

While we not be developing any further on MIPS, we will not be removing what is on the repository. Right now, we've made it so that mirrors will not sync mips64el packages; and we may move them to another location on the server (such as the mips64el directory), but we will keep the work done available to anyone interested in mips64el in the future.

There are still many references to our MIPS support in documentation on the wiki, on this homepage. In user-editable places, please help us out and update it.