CrazyToon has passed away

A former Parabola contributor, CrazyToon, has passed away earlier today, December 26th at 4:40 AM UTC, at the age of 60.

On September 30th, he suffered two cerebral aneurysms and intracranial hemorrhages. Surgery was performed on October 13th and he entered into coma until November 1st. On November 10th, he suffered two cerebral strokes and lost all possibility of recovering his health. He proceeded to have catatonic stupor state, hard convulsions, continuous high pressure, fever and general hemorrhages.

He will be remembered as the father of two other Parabola contributors, André Silva ("Emulatorman") and Márcio Silva ("coadde"); for his artwork, including Parabola's mascot; as a Free Software and Free Culture activist; and as a founder of the Hyperbola project.