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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Community vim-a 2.18-9.0 alternate files in vim quickly (.c -> .h etc) 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-airline 0.11-1.0 Status line, written in Vimscript 2020-04-07
i686 Community vim-airline-themes r1386.63b66df-1.0 Themes for vim-airline 2020-04-07
i686 Community vim-ale 2.6.0-1.0 Asynchronous Lint Engine 2019-11-06
i686 Community vim-align 37.43-4.0 Lets you align lines using regular expressions 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-ansible 2.1-2.0 A vim plugin for syntax highlighting Ansible's common filetypes 2020-04-04
i686 Pcr vim-autotag r23.b2847e1-1 Automatically discover and "properly" update ctags files on save 2019-02-19
i686 Community vim-bufexplorer 7.4.19-2.0 Simple buffer list/switcher for vim 2020-06-02
i686 Libre vim-colorsamplerpack 2012.10.28-5.par1 Different colorschemes for vim, without nonfree colorschemes 2018-10-24
i686 Pcr vim-colorschemes 20140623-1 A very large collection of color schemes from 2019-02-19
i686 Community vim-coverage-highlight 3.0.1-1.0 Vim plugin to highlight Python source code lines that lack test coverage 2020-04-05
i686 Community vim-csound 0.8.1-1.0 Csound tools for Vim 2020-03-09
i686 Community vim-easymotion 3.0.1-5.0 Vim motion on speed 2020-06-02
i686 Community vim-editorconfig 1.1.1-1.0 EditorConfig plugin for Vim 2020-06-07
i686 Community vim-fugitive 3.2-1.0 Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal 2020-06-21
i686 Community vim-gitgutter 671.0e509fb-1.0 Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column) 2020-03-30
i686 Community-Testing vim-gitgutter 708.c27bfab-1.0 Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column) 2020-07-08
i686 Community vim-grammalecte r31.09d4b24-1.0 Integrates Grammalecte into Vim 2020-04-17
i686 Community vim-indent-object 1.1.2-6.0 Text objects based on indent levels 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-jedi 0.10.0-3.0 Vim plugin for jedi, an awesome Python autocompletion 2019-12-03
i686 Community vim-jellybeans 1.7-1.0 Colorful, dark color scheme, inspired by ir_black and twilight 2019-09-03
i686 Community vim-latexsuite 1:1.10.0-3.0 Tools to view, edit, and compile LaTeX documents within Vim. 2020-02-17
i686 Community vim-minibufexpl 6.5.2-2.2 An elegant buffer explorer for vim 2019-03-31
i686 Community vim-molokai 1.1-6.0 Port of the monokai colorscheme for TextMate 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-nerdcommenter 2.5.2-1.0 Plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes 2019-10-28
i686 Community vim-nerdtree 6.9.0-1.0 Tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem 2020-07-06
i686 Pcr vim-pathogen 2.4-1 A vim plugin for managing your runtimepath 2019-02-19
i686 Community vim-seti 1.0-3.0 Colorscheme based on Jesse Weed's Seti theme for the Atom editor 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-supertab 2.1-3.0 A Vim plugin that allows you to use the tab key to do all insert completion. 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-surround 2.1-4.0 Provides mappings to easily delete, change, and add paired surroundings 2020-06-02
i686 Community vim-syntastic 3.10.0-1.0 Automatic syntax checking for Vim 2019-11-06
i686 Community vim-tabular 1.0.0+5+g339091a-1.0 Vim script for text filtering and alignment 2019-03-19
i686 Community vim-tagbar 2.7-2.0 Plugin to browse the tags of the current file and get an overview of its structure 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-taglist 46-4.0 A source code browser plugin for vim 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-ultisnips 3.2-2.0 TextMate-style snippets for Vim. 2020-03-10
i686 Community vim-vcscommand 1.99.47-3.0 vim version control system integration plugin 2019-01-04
i686 Community vim-vital 1:3113.982e0bf3-1.0 Comprehensive Vim utility functions for Vim plugins 2018-07-18