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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Extra bluedevil 1:5.27.6-1.0 Integrate the Bluetooth technology within KDE workspace and applications 2023-07-02
i686 Extra breeze 5.27.6-1.0 Artwork, styles and assets for the Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop 2023-07-03
i686 Extra breeze-gtk 5.27.4-2.1 Breeze widget theme for GTK 2 and 3 2023-04-17
i686 Extra breeze-plymouth 5.27.10-1.0 Plymouth theme for the Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop 2024-01-31
i686 Extra drkonqi 5.27.6-1.0 The KDE crash handler 2023-07-01
i686 Extra flatpak-kcm 5.27.6-1.0 Flatpak Permissions Management KCM 2023-07-05
i686 Extra kactivitymanagerd 5.27.6-1.0 System service to manage user activities and track the usage patterns 2023-07-01
i686 Extra kde-cli-tools 5.25.1-1.0 Tools based on KDE Frameworks 5 to better interact with the system 2022-07-05
i686 Extra kdecoration 5.27.6-1.0 Plugin based library to create window decorations 2023-07-05
i686 Extra kde-gtk-config 5.27.6-1.0 GTK2 and GTK3 Configurator for KDE 2023-07-05
i686 Extra kdeplasma-addons 5.27.6-2.0 All kind of addons to improve your Plasma experience 2023-07-08
i686 Extra kgamma5 5.27.6-1.0 Adjust your monitor gamma settings 2023-07-05
i686 Extra khotkeys 5.27.6-1.0 KHotKeys 2024-03-12
i686 Libre khotkeys KHotKeys, with DuckDuckGo HTML support 2020-04-09 2023-08-16
i686 Libre kinfocenter 5.27.8-1.parabola1 A utility that provides information about a computer system 2023-09-15 2023-10-26
i686 Extra kmenuedit 5.27.6-1.0 KDE menu editor 2023-07-01
i686 Extra knetattach 5.20.3-1.3 Wizard which makes it easier to integrate network resources with the Plasma Desktop 2020-12-05
i686 Extra kpipewire 5.26.4-1.0 Components relating to pipewire use in Plasma 2022-12-09
i686 Extra kscreen 5.26.5-1.0 KDE screen management software 2023-01-14
i686 Extra kscreenlocker 5.26.5-1.0 Library and components for secure lock screen architecture 2023-01-14
i686 Extra ksshaskpass 5.27.6-1.0 ssh-add helper that uses kwallet and kpassworddialog 2023-06-29
i686 Extra ksystemstats 5.27.6-1.0 A plugin based system monitoring daemon 2023-07-02
i686 Extra kwallet-pam 5.27.6-1.0 KWallet PAM integration 2023-06-29
i686 Extra kwayland-integration 5.27.6-1.0 Provides integration plugins for various KDE frameworks for the wayland windowing system 2023-06-29
i686 Extra kwin 5.27.6-1.0 An easy to use, but flexible, composited Window Manager 2023-07-05
i686 Extra kwrited 5.27.6-1.0 KDE daemon listening for wall and write messages 2023-06-29
i686 Extra layer-shell-qt 5.27.8-1.0 Qt component to allow applications to make use of the Wayland wl-layer-shell protocol 2023-09-24
i686 Extra libkscreen 5.26.5-1.0 KDE screen management software 2023-01-14
i686 Libre libksysguard 5.27.6-1.0.parabola1 Library to retrieve information on the current status of computer hardware 2024-03-11
i686 Extra libksysguard 5.27.6-1.0 Library to retrieve information on the current status of computer hardware 2024-03-10
i686 Extra milou 5.27.6-1.0 A dedicated search application built on top of Baloo 2023-07-04
i686 Extra ocean-sound-theme 6.0.3-1.0 Ocean Sound Theme for Plasma 2024-04-18
i686 Extra oxygen 5.27.6-1.0 KDE Oxygen style 2023-07-03
i686 Extra oxygen-sounds 6.0.3-1.0 The Oxygen Sound Theme 2024-04-09
i686 Extra plasma-browser-integration 5.25.1-1.0 Components necessary to integrate browsers into the Plasma Desktop 2022-07-02
i686 Extra plasma-desktop 5.25.1-1.0 KDE Plasma Desktop 2022-07-02
i686 Extra plasma-disks 5.27.6-1.0 Monitors S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure 2023-07-05
i686 Extra plasma-firewall 5.27.6-1.0 Control Panel for your system firewall 2023-07-05
i686 Extra plasma-integration 5.27.6-1.0 Qt Platform Theme integration plugins for the Plasma workspaces 2023-07-01
i686 Extra plasma-nm 5.27.6-1.0 Plasma applet written in QML for managing network connections 2023-07-05
i686 Extra plasma-pa 5.27.6-1.0 Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio 2023-07-05
i686 Extra plasma-sdk 5.27.6-1.0 Applications useful for Plasma development 2023-07-03
i686 Extra plasma-systemmonitor 5.27.6-1.0 An interface for monitoring system sensors, process information and other system resources 2023-07-02
i686 Extra plasma-thunderbolt 5.27.6-1.0 Plasma integration for controlling Thunderbolt devices 2023-07-05
i686 Extra plasma-vault 5.27.6-1.0 Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults 2023-07-05
i686 Extra plasma-welcome 5.27.6-1.0 A friendly onboarding wizard for Plasma 2023-07-03
i686 Extra plasma-workspace 5.25.1-1.0 KDE Plasma Workspace 2022-07-07
i686 Extra plasma-workspace-wallpapers 6.0.3-1.0 Additional wallpapers for the Plasma Workspace 2024-04-09
i686 Extra plymouth-kcm 5.27.6-1.0 KCM to manage the Plymouth (Boot) theme 2023-07-05
i686 Extra polkit-kde-agent 5.27.6-1.0 Daemon providing a polkit authentication UI for KDE 2023-06-29
i686 Extra powerdevil 5.25.1-1.0 Manages the power consumption settings of a Plasma Shell 2022-07-02
i686 Extra sddm-kcm 5.27.6-1.0 KDE Config Module for SDDM 2023-07-05
i686 Extra systemsettings 5.25.1-1.0 KDE system manager for hardware, software, and workspaces 2022-07-02
i686 Extra xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.27.6-1.0 A backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Qt/KF5 2023-07-03