Robofun sponsors Parabola ARM port with a BBB board

We want to thank Robofun for donating a BeagleBone Black rev.C ARMv7 board to further the development of Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre port to this architecture. Parabola's ARM port will allow people using this kind of boards to do their computing in freedom.

Robofun is a reputed online shop selling hardware to the Romanian hacker community. It is the main source in Romania for development boards and accessories, 3D printers and 3D printing materials, DIY tutorials and books on hardware programming. Robofun is also an organizer and regular sponsor of workshops for building your own robot, hence the name of the shop.

The president of our fiscal sponsor, Fundația Ceata, came up with the idea to ask Robofun for sponsorship, represented Parabola in the face-to-face meeting with Robofun CEO and went to great lengths to send the BeagleBone Black (BBB) to coadde, one of our Parabola hackers.

Coadde received the board after some delay in delivery caused by the mail services due to winter holidays, but he's now working on porting GRUB for it and he's preparing the build system for the rest of the packages. The board is of great help because direct access to hardware is needed to be able to solve issues during porting.

Along with this kind donation, we were able to buy the serial cable needed for the GRUB port and to fix things if they go wrong. This purchase was made possible by people donating money to Parabola, so thanks to you too! FWIW, people also donated money to buy the BBB, but don't worry, they will be put to good use :)

You can find some pictures taken by coadde

Thanks to Robofun, Fundația Ceata, and you for making this possible!

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