Parabola will take part in Coliberator 2016

Today we're announcing that Parabola will take part in Coliberator, the Free Software conference organized by our fiscal sponsor Fundația Ceata in Bucharest, Romania on June 4-5 2016. Fundația Ceata proposed to share Parabola stickers left from FOSDEM. So they will distribute them at their booth!

This year’s edition of the conference will have speakers as our Parabola friends called Jordi Lopez and Paul Kocialkowski. Jordi is a tech entrepreneur from Spain. His ethical company Librebits develops responsive websites based on libre platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Moodle, and offers services of IT infrastracture migration to the GNU system. Paul is the lead developer of Replicant (the only FSF-endorsed fork of Android/CyanogenMod), an important contributor to GNU Libreboot (the libre BIOS/UEFI replacement) and a happy user of Parabola.

Note that Coliberator is organized by the Ceata team from small individual donations, so any contribution to fund the conference is welcome!

Happy hacking!