Parabola receives fiscal sponsorship from Fundația Ceata

Today we're announcing that Parabola has signed a fiscal sponsorship agreement with Fundația Ceata. This agreement enables Parabola to receive donations in USD, EUR and RON currencies and help the project cover the expenses required to keep it running.

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre is a FSF-approved distribution that follows the principles of software freedom, simplicity and community-led development. This agreement comes at a moment of expansion for Parabola, since it's currently starting to support the ARM architecture, a task that requires access to special devices. Donations will also help pay the expenses of running Parabola's infrastructure, keeping it stable while it grows bigger and better.

Fundația Ceata (pronounced [funˈdaː.t͡si.aː ˈt͡ʃe̯a.ta]) is the Romanian foundation focused on activism for Free Software and Free Culture in Romania and Moldova and working closely with international organizations such as FSF and FSFE for a global change towards user freedom.

In December 2014 Parabola started discussing options for receiving donations with the help of an umbrella organization. The idea of Ceata to offer fiscal sponsorship to Parabola came at the time from smv, former Ceata executive and Parabola hacker. Since then, Ceata and Parabola have worked out the details of the agreement and we are all happy we can announce it today.

"I think it's really important for free software projects to become autonomous and stop relying on the free time and money of its hackers", says fauno, one of Parabola hackers. "The fiscal sponsorship of Fundația Ceata is a step in that direction."

"It's the first time Ceata offers fiscal sponsorship to an international project and it's not a coincidence we have started with Parabola. We have decided to increase our support for Parabola because it's filling an important gap in the world of completely free distributions: it's bleeding-edge and it's being ported to ARM", says tct, Ceata president. "Everyone at Ceata is confident this international collaboration will be another successful one for our foundation."

Be one of the first supporters of Parabola and make a donation today using the information on the Donations page (CACert root certificate is needed).