Parabola has a new mascot called Bola

We want to thank coadde and crazytoon for creating our mascots for Parabola.

As far as you know, in May 2015, they created the "GNU mascot" that represents "the GNU operating system" and it has been used for our logos, isos, wiki pages, wallpapers, branding (eg. Syslinux, GRUB), etc.

However, they had an idea to create a "new mascot" that could represent our distro and be a "partner for the GNU mascot" like Don Quixote de la Mancha and Sancho Panza.

Since a "cat is an animal elegant, minimalist and lightweight" and contains the same characteristics than Parabola, it was the perfect animal chosen to represent our distro.

Its name called "Bola" is a funny name because means in Portuguese "ball" that is a part of our project name Para-"Bola" and one of main sleeping characteristics when this animal is cold.

Also, Bola contains "parabolas" in his body, and it is a important detail since it represents every "Parabola's user" around the world!

The "original idea" was inspired through fauno who told me that a friend created a purple cat with "parabolas" in his body, but never was used, then i proposed it to coadde and crazytoon "continue the project."

Further details: