New libretools on [libre] contains drastic changes

A new version of libretools was finally released to the stable repository.

While we thing it contains some great improvements, there are several drastic changes that may be confusing to users of the old version. You are encouraged to read the full release announcement on the mailing list, and the updated Package maintainer guide.

However, to summarize major points for users switching, things you will NEED to do:

  1. Merge /etc/libretools.conf{,.pacnew}. The defaults in the new file are good.
  2. Set GPGKEY in /etc/makepkg.conf or the environment. This replaces SIGID from /etc/libretools.conf.
  3. Add 'repo' to your ~/.ssh/config. Get the details from /etc/libretools.conf. This replaces the 'parabola' host, you can just rename it.