kdepim packages are libre now - manual intervention required

kdepim packages (kdepim-akonadiconsole, kdepim-akregator, kdepim-blogilo, kdepim-console, kdepim-kaddressbook, kdepim-kalarm, kdepim-kjots, kdepim-kleopatra, kdepim-kmail, kdepim-knode, kdepim-knotes, kdepim-kontact, kdepim-korganizer, kdepim-kresources, kdepim-ktimetracker, kdepim-ktnef, kdepim-libkdepim) are libre because doesn't needs be rebuilt without pilot-link support, because it was unblacklisted. This means Parabola's kdepim-libre packages aren't needed anymore and it will be removed from repos.

You should install the kdepim packages manually using regular pacman methods. Accept the kdepim-libre removal and that's it.