It's here. It's finally here.

After many months of seeking a good VPS to host our work, the Parabola Hackers Team (PHT) is proud to announce you that we have one. Yes, a friend of fauno's (pablo) kindly provided us the VPS on which this page runs. That's really good news. We have more freedom now.

The VPS specifications are pretty much awesome:

  • Intel Dual-Core CPU
  • 512MB of RAM

This website runs archweb (via django), the so-called parabolaweb, which has been modded by xihh, aurelien, and mostly set up by gtklocker. In addition to that, we've modded the Wiki theme, so it matches our new one. We also have a git server and our repos hosted here, which is pretty cool.

We try to keep backwards compatibility. For example, the ArchHurd mirror is still there, and there are many improvements in the engines! Everything seems to be working properly, and we think that you, Parabola users will enjoy it. Have fun.

"Time for Parabola to open up its wings!"