Continuation of i686 support

As part of our community's heightened interest in platforms amenable to user freedom, Parabola will continue supporting the i686 port for the foreseeable future. The base distro will be based on packages from Arch's unofficial 32-bit port, starting today.

In general users don't need to do anything to make the transition. Just make sure you are using the latest libre/archlinux32-keyring (required by default since pacman 5.0.2-2.parabola1.1) and upgrade as usual:

# pacman -Syy
# pacman -S libre/archlinux32-keyring
# pacman -Su

During the next few days upgrade operations will greet you with warning messages about available downgrades. These are due to the 32-bit port catching up to the state where official Arch left, and can be safely ignored.