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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra mousepad 0.5.8-1 Simple text editor for Xfce 2021-11-27
x86_64 Community parole 4.16.0-1 Modern media player based on the GStreamer framework 2021-01-23
x86_64 Extra ristretto 0.12.1-1 A fast and lightweight picture viewer for Xfce 2021-11-27
x86_64 Extra thunar-archive-plugin 0.4.0-3 Create and extract archives in Thunar 2020-05-22
x86_64 Extra thunar-media-tags-plugin 0.3.0-2 Adds special features for media files to the Thunar File Manager 2020-05-20
x86_64 Extra xfburn 0.6.2-1 A simple CD/DVD burning tool based on libburnia libraries 2020-03-09
x86_64 Extra xfce4-artwork 0.1.1a_git20110420-6 Backdrops for the Xfce4 desktop 2020-05-20
x86_64 Extra xfce4-battery-plugin 1.1.4-1 A battery monitor plugin for the Xfce panel 2021-03-24
x86_64 Extra xfce4-clipman-plugin 1.6.2-1 A clipboard plugin for the Xfce4 panel 2021-05-04
x86_64 Extra xfce4-cpufreq-plugin 1.2.5-1 CPU frequency plugin for the Xfce4 panel 2021-03-03
x86_64 Extra xfce4-cpugraph-plugin 1.2.5-1 Graphical representation of the CPU load 2021-10-10
x86_64 Extra xfce4-datetime-plugin 0.8.1-1 A date and time display plugin for the Xfce panel 2020-12-25
x86_64 Extra xfce4-dict 0.8.4-1 A dictionary plugin for the Xfce panel 2020-10-16
x86_64 Extra xfce4-diskperf-plugin 2.6.3-1 Plugin for the Xfce4 panel displaying instant disk/partition performance 2020-12-22
x86_64 Extra xfce4-eyes-plugin 4.5.1-1 A rolling eyes (following mouse pointer) plugin for the Xfce panel 2020-06-22
x86_64 Extra xfce4-fsguard-plugin 1.1.2-1 File system usage monitor plugin for the Xfce4 panel 2020-12-29
x86_64 Extra xfce4-genmon-plugin 4.1.1-1 plugin that monitors customizable programs stdout for the Xfce4 panel 2021-01-25
x86_64 Extra xfce4-mailwatch-plugin 1.3.0-1 Multi-protocol, multi-mailbox mail watcher for the Xfce4 panel 2020-11-10
x86_64 Extra xfce4-mount-plugin 1.1.5-1 Mount/umount utility for the Xfce4 panel 2020-12-29
x86_64 Extra xfce4-mpc-plugin 0.5.2-2 Control the Music Player Daemon from the Xfce4 panel 2020-05-22
x86_64 Extra xfce4-netload-plugin 1.4.0-1 A netload plugin for the Xfce panel 2021-03-11
x86_64 Extra xfce4-notes-plugin 1.9.0-1 Notes plugin for the Xfce panel 2021-01-20
x86_64 Extra xfce4-notifyd 0.6.2-2 Notification daemon for the Xfce desktop 2020-09-01
x86_64 Extra xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin 0.4.3-1 Pulseaudio plugin for Xfce4 panel 2020-04-14
x86_64 Extra xfce4-screensaver 4.16.0-1 Xfce Screensaver 2021-01-06
x86_64 Extra xfce4-screenshooter 1.9.9-2 An application to take screenshots 2021-05-25
x86_64 Extra xfce4-sensors-plugin 1.4.2-1 Sensors plugin for the Xfce panel 2021-11-16
x86_64 Extra xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin 0.5.2-1 Allows you to send requests directly to your browser and perform a custom search 2020-12-25
x86_64 Extra xfce4-systemload-plugin 1.3.1-1 A system load plugin for the Xfce4 panel 2021-03-24
x86_64 Extra xfce4-taskmanager 1.4.2-1 Easy to use task manager 2021-02-10
x86_64 Extra xfce4-time-out-plugin 1.1.2-1 Take a break from your computer with this plugin for Xfce4 2021-03-01
x86_64 Extra xfce4-timer-plugin 1.7.1-1 Plugin to track time for the Xfce4 panel 2020-07-25
x86_64 Extra xfce4-verve-plugin 2.0.1-1 Command line plugin for the Xfce panel 2020-12-29
x86_64 Extra xfce4-wavelan-plugin 0.6.2-1 Plugin to monitor wifi connectivity for the Xfce4 panel 2020-12-25
x86_64 Extra xfce4-weather-plugin 0.11.0-1 A weather plugin for the Xfce4 panel 2021-02-13
x86_64 Community xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 2.7.0-1 Menu for Xfce4 2021-11-22
x86_64 Extra xfce4-xkb-plugin 0.8.2-1 Plugin to switch keyboard layouts for the Xfce4 panel 2020-12-25