Group Details - ukui (x86_64)

18 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Community peony 2.1.1-1 file manager for the UKUI desktop 2020-03-31
x86_64 Community qt5-ukui-platformtheme 1.0.2-1 Lightdm greeter for UKUI 2020-04-03
x86_64 Community ukui-biometric-auth 1.2.0-1 Biometric authentication for UKUI 2020-02-25
x86_64 Community ukui-control-center 2.0.2-1 Utilities to configure the UKUI desktop 2020-03-31
x86_64 Community ukui-greeter 1.2.4-1 Lightdm greeter for UKUI 2020-03-31
x86_64 Community ukui-interface 1.0.0a1-1 UKUI interface for system configuration and related libraries 2020-02-23
x86_64 Community ukui-media 2.0.2-1 UKUI media utilities 2020-03-31
x86_64 Community ukui-menu 2.0.4-1 Start menu development library and advanced graphical user interface for UKUI 2020-03-31
x86_64 Community ukui-menus 1.1.4-1 Implementation of the freedesktop menu specification for UKUI 2019-12-25
x86_64 Community ukui-panel 2.0.4-1 Launcher and docking facility for UKUI 2020-03-31
x86_64 Community ukui-power-manager 2.0.1-1 Power management tool for the UKUI desktop 2020-04-03
x86_64 Community ukui-screensaver 2.1.0-1 Screensaver for UKUI desktop environment 2020-03-27
x86_64 Community ukui-session-manager 2.0.2-1 Session manager of the UKUI desktop environment 2020-03-28
x86_64 Community ukui-settings-daemon 1.2.1-1 Daemon handling the UKUI session settings 2020-03-27
x86_64 Community ukui-sidebar 1.1.1-1 Parallels toolbox for UKUI 2020-03-31
x86_64 Community ukui-themes 1.2.0-1 Official themes for the UKUI desktop 2020-03-18
x86_64 Community ukui-window-switch 2.0.1-2 Front of the window switcher in UKUI desktop environment 2020-04-03
x86_64 Community ukwm 1.2.0-2 A lightweight GTK+ window manager 2020-03-10