Group Details - mate-extra (x86_64)

23 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Community atril 1.26.0-3 MATE document viewer 2023-01-05
x86_64 Community caja-image-converter 1.26.1-2 A Caja extension for simple image conversions 2022-11-01
x86_64 Community caja-open-terminal 1.26.1-2 A Caja extension for opening terminals in arbitrary local paths 2022-11-01
x86_64 Community caja-sendto 1.26.1-2 A Caja extension for sending files 2022-11-01
x86_64 Community caja-share 1.26.1-2 A Caja extension to quickly share a folder 2022-11-01
x86_64 Community caja-wallpaper 1.26.1-2 A Caja extension to quickly set wallpaper 2022-11-01
x86_64 Community caja-xattr-tags 1.26.1-2 A Caja extension to see tags stored on xattrs 2022-11-01
x86_64 Libre engrampa 1.24.0-1.parabola1 Archive manipulator for MATE, without nonfree unace and unrar recommendation 2020-04-11 2021-09-17
x86_64 Community eom 1.26.0-1 An image viewing and cataloging program for MATE 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mate-applets 1.26.1-1 Applets for MATE panel 2022-07-15
x86_64 Community mate-calc 1.26.0-1 Calculator for the MATE desktop environment 2021-08-09
x86_64 Libre mate-icon-theme-faenza 1.20.0-1.par1 Faenza icon theme for MATE, without nonfree distros and application icons 2018-12-20
x86_64 Community mate-media 1.26.0-1 MATE Media Tools 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mate-netbook 1.26.0-1 A simple window management tool 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mate-power-manager 1.26.0-1 Power management tool for the MATE desktop 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mate-screensaver 1.26.1-1 Screensaver for MATE 2021-11-17
x86_64 Libre mate-sensors-applet 1.24.0-1.parabola1 A MATE Panel applet to display readings from hardware sensors, including CPU temperature, fan speeds and voltage readings, without nonfree libxnvctrl support 2020-04-11
x86_64 Community mate-system-monitor 1.26.0-1 A system monitor for MATE 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mate-terminal 1.26.0-1 The MATE Terminal Emulator 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mate-user-share 1.26.0-1 User level public file sharing via WebDAV for MATE 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mate-utils 1.26.0-1 Common MATE utilities for viewing disk usage, logs and fonts, taking screenshots, managing dictionaries and searching files 2021-08-09
x86_64 Community mozo 1.26.2-1 MATE menu editing tool 2022-11-13
x86_64 Community pluma 1.26.0-2 A powerful text editor for MATE 2021-12-15