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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Community lximage-qt 0.7.0-1 The LXQt image viewer and screenshot tool 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-about 0.13.0-1 LXQt about dialog. 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-admin 0.13.0-1 LXQt system administration tool. 2018-09-24
x86_64 Community lxqt-config 0.13.0-1 LXQt system configuration. 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-globalkeys 0.13.0-1 LXQt daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration. 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-notificationd 0.12.0-1 LXQt notification daemon and library. 2017-10-23
x86_64 Community lxqt-openssh-askpass 0.13.0-1 LXQt openssh password prompt 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-panel 0.13.0-4 The LXQt desktop panel 2018-12-05
x86_64 Community lxqt-policykit 0.13.0-1 The LXQt policykit authentication agent 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-powermanagement 0.13.0-1 LXQt power management daemon 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-qtplugin 0.13.0-3 LXQt platform integration for Qt 2018-12-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-runner 0.13.0-2 The LXQt application launcher 2018-05-30
x86_64 Community lxqt-session 0.13.0-1 The LXQt session manager 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-sudo 0.13.0-1 LXQt privilege program (lxsu). 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community lxqt-themes 0.13.0-1 LXQt themes, graphics and icons. 2018-07-18
x86_64 Community obconf-qt 0.12.0-1 Openbox configuration tool. Qt port of ObConf 2017-10-23
x86_64 Community openbox 3.6.1-4 Highly configurable and lightweight X11 window manager 2018-07-17
x86_64 Community pcmanfm-qt 0.13.0-1 The LXQt file manager, Qt port of PCManFM 2018-05-25
x86_64 Community qterminal 0.9.0-1 A lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator 2018-05-25