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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra baobab 43.0-1 A graphical directory tree analyzer 2022-10-26
x86_64 Extra cheese 43.0-1 Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects 2022-12-13
x86_64 Extra eog 43.2-1 Eye of Gnome: An image viewing and cataloging program 2023-01-08
x86_64 Libre epiphany 42.3-3.parabola1 A GNOME web browser based on the WebKit rendering engine, with DuckDuckGo-HTML search 2022-07-28
x86_64 Extra evince 43.1-2 Document viewer (PDF, PostScript, XPS, djvu, dvi, tiff, cbr, cbz, cb7, cbt) 2023-01-05
x86_64 Libre file-roller 3.40.0-1.parabola1 Create and modify archives, without nonfree unace and unrar recommendation 2021-05-14
x86_64 Extra gdm 43.0-1 Display manager and login screen 2022-10-24
x86_64 Extra gnome-backgrounds 43-1 Background images and data for GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Libre gnome-boxes 3.34.3-2.par1 Simple GNOME application to access remote or virtual systems, without suggestions (and logos) of nonfree operating systems 2020-03-11 2020-05-13
x86_64 Extra gnome-calculator 43.0.1-1 GNOME Scientific calculator 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-calendar 43.1-2 Simple and beautiful calendar application designed to perfectly fit the GNOME desktop 2023-01-26
x86_64 Extra gnome-characters 43.1-1 A character map application 2022-12-06
x86_64 Extra gnome-clocks 43.0-1 Clocks applications for GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-color-manager 3.36.0+r42+g90481514-1 GNOME Color Profile Tools 2022-11-16
x86_64 Extra gnome-console 43.0-1 A simple user-friendly terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-contacts 43.0-1 Contacts Manager for GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-control-center 43.2-1 GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop 2022-12-24
x86_64 Extra gnome-disk-utility 43.0-1 Disk Management Utility for GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-font-viewer 43.0-1 A font viewer utility for GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-keyring 1:42.1-2 Stores passwords and encryption keys 2022-11-04
x86_64 Extra gnome-logs 43.0-1 A log viewer for the systemd journal 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-maps 43.4-1 A simple GNOME 3 maps application 2023-02-02
x86_64 Extra gnome-menus 3.36.0-2 GNOME menu specifications 2022-07-19
x86_64 Extra gnome-music 1:42.1-1 Music player and management application 2022-04-26
x86_64 Extra gnome-photos 1:43.0-2 Access, organize, and share your photos on GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-remote-desktop 43.3-1 GNOME Remote Desktop server 2023-01-09
x86_64 Extra gnome-session 43.0-1 The GNOME Session Handler 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-settings-daemon 43.0-2 GNOME Settings Daemon 2022-11-01
x86_64 Nonprism gnome-settings-daemon 3.34.1+1+ge1fc4599-1.nonprism1 GNOME Settings Daemon, without geoclue2 support 2019-12-16
x86_64 Extra gnome-shell 1:43.2-3 Next generation desktop shell 2023-02-04
x86_64 Extra gnome-shell-extensions 43.1-1 Extensions for GNOME shell, including classic mode 2022-11-02
x86_64 Extra gnome-system-monitor 42.0-1 View current processes and monitor system state 2022-04-07
x86_64 Extra gnome-text-editor 43.2-1 A simple text editor for the GNOME desktop 2023-01-12
x86_64 Extra gnome-user-docs 43.0-1 User documentation for GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-user-share 43.0-1 Easy to use user-level file sharing for GNOME 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra gnome-video-effects 0.5.0+4+g9554041-2 Collection of GStreamer effects for GNOME 2020-05-22
x86_64 Extra gnome-weather 43.0-1 Access current weather conditions and forecasts 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra grilo-plugins 1:0.3.15-2 A collection of plugins for the Grilo framework 2022-11-01
x86_64 Nonprism grilo-plugins 0.3.5-1.nonprism1 A collection of plugins for the Grilo framework, without libgdata support 2018-01-18
x86_64 Extra gvfs 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra gvfs-afc 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (AFC backend; Apple mobile devices) 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra gvfs-goa 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (Gnome Online Accounts backend; cloud storage) 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra gvfs-google 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (Google Drive backend) 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra gvfs-gphoto2 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (gphoto2 backend; PTP camera, MTP media player) 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra gvfs-mtp 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (MTP backend; Android, media player) 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra gvfs-nfs 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (NFS backend) 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra gvfs-smb 1.50.3-1 Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (SMB/CIFS backend; Windows client) 2023-01-07
x86_64 Extra malcontent 0.11.0-1 Parental control support for applications 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra nautilus 43.2-1 Default file manager for GNOME 2023-01-09
x86_64 Extra orca 43.1-1 Screen reader for individuals who are blind or visually impaired 2023-01-04
x86_64 Extra rygel 1:0.42.0-2 UPnP AV MediaServer and MediaRenderer 2022-11-08
x86_64 Extra simple-scan 42.5-1 Simple scanning utility 2022-10-26
x86_64 Extra sushi 43.0-1 A quick previewer for Nautilus 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra totem 43.0-2 Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer 2022-11-01
x86_64 Extra tracker3-miners 3.4.3-1 Collection of data extractors for Tracker/Nepomuk 2023-01-13
x86_64 Extra xdg-user-dirs-gtk 0.11-1 Creates user dirs and asks to relocalize them 2022-10-21
x86_64 Extra yelp 42.2-1 Get help with GNOME 2022-10-26