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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Libre python-pyqt5 5.15.9-2.parabola4 A set of Python bindings for the Qt5 toolkit 2023-05-25 2023-10-18
i686 Extra python-pyqt5-3d 5.15.6-1.1 Python bindings for Qt3D 2023-05-09
i686 Extra python-pyqt5-chart 5.15.6-1.3 Python bindings for QtCharts 2023-05-09
i686 Extra python-pyqt5-datavisualization 5.15.5-3.4 Python bindings for QtDataVisualization 2023-05-09
i686 Extra python-pyqt5-networkauth 5.15.5-3.4 Python bindings for QtNetworkAuth 2023-05-09
i686 Extra python-pyqt5-purchasing 5.15.5-3.4 Python bindings for QtPurchasing 2023-05-09