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i686 Community a2jmidid 9-1.0 A daemon for exposing legacy ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system. 2019-10-01
i686 Community adlplug 1.0.1-2.1 FM synthesizer for ADLMIDI with OPL3 chip emulation 2019-09-21
i686 Community aeolus 0.9.7-3.0 Synthesised pipe organ emulator 2019-10-11
i686 Community-Testing aeolus 0.9.7-3.1 Synthesised pipe organ emulator 2019-11-17
i686 Community aj-snapshot 0.9.9-1.0 Command line utility to store/restore ALSA and/or JACK connections to/from an XML file 2019-03-20
i686 Community aliki 0.3.0-2.1 Measure Impulse Responses using a sine sweep and deconvolution 2019-01-04
i686 Community ambdec 0.7.1-1.0 An Ambisonic decoder for first and second order 2019-03-14
i686 Community amb-plugins 0.8.1-6.1 A set of LADSPA ambisonics plugins 2019-01-04
i686 Community ams 2.1.2-4.0 A real-time modular synthesizer and effect processor 2019-08-17
i686 Community ams-lv2 1.2.2-2.1 A port of the internal modules found in Alsa Modular Synth 2019-09-21
i686 Community-Staging ams-lv2 1.2.2-2.2 A port of the internal modules found in Alsa Modular Synth 2019-11-17
i686 Community amsynth 1.9.0-1.2 Analogue Modeling SYNTHesizer 2019-09-21
i686 Community ardour 5.12-11.0 Professional-grade digital audio workstation 2019-08-17
i686 Community artyfx 1.3-2.4 A plugin bundle of artistic real-time audio effects 2019-09-21
i686 Community aubio 0.4.9-4.4 A tool for extracting annotations from audio signals 2019-09-21
i686 Community-Staging audacity 1:2.3.2-3.0 A program that lets you manipulate digital audio waveforms 2019-11-14
i686 Community audacity 1:2.3.2-2.0 A program that lets you manipulate digital audio waveforms 2019-08-17
i686 Community avldrums.lv2 0.4.0-1.0 A simple Drum Sample Player Plugin, dedicated to the AVLinux Drumkits 2019-10-24
i686 Community beatslash-lv2 1.0.6-2.1 A set of plugins for live beat repeating and beat slicing 2019-09-21
i686 Community blop 0.2.8-3.4 Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins 2019-09-21
i686 Community blop.lv2 1.0.0-4.1 A port of the BLOP LADSPA plugins by Mike Rawes to LV2. 2019-09-21
i686 Community bslizr 1.2.0-1.0 LV2 audio effect plugin for sequenced slicing of stereo audio input signals 2019-10-08
i686 Community cadence 0.9.0-4.4 JACK toolbox for audio production. 2019-09-03
i686 Community calf 0.90.3-1.1 LV2 plug-in suite and standalone Jack host 2019-09-21
i686 Community caps 0.9.26-1.0 The LADSPA C* Audio Plugin Suite 2019-01-04
i686 Community carla 2.0.0-1.0 Audio Plugin Host 2019-08-10
i686 Community chuck Concurrent, on-the-fly audio programming language 2019-08-17
i686 Community cmt 1.17-1.0 LADSPA plugins for use with software synthesis and recording packages on Linux 2019-02-12
i686 Community csound 6.13.0-3.1 A programming language for sound rendering and signal processing. 2019-09-21
i686 Community csoundqt 0.9.6-1.1 Csound frontend with highlighting editor, autocomplete, interactive widgets and integrated help 2019-09-03
i686 Community deteriorate-lv2 1.0.6-1.3 A set of plugins to deteriorate the sound quality of a live input 2019-09-21
i686 Community dgedit 0.10.0-1.2 The DrumGizmo drumkit editor 2019-09-03
i686 Community din 43.0.1-1.0 A sound synthesizer and musical instrument. 2019-11-12
i686 Community dpf-plugins 1.3-1.3 Collection of DPF-based plugins 2019-09-21
i686 Community dragonfly-reverb 2.0.0-2.3 A concert hall reverb and a room reverb 2019-09-21
i686 Community drumgizmo Multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform drum plugin and stand-alone application 2019-10-27
i686 Community drumkv1 0.9.11-1.0 An old-school drum-kit sampler 2019-11-08
i686 Community ebumeter 0.4.2-3.2 Loudness measurement according to EBU-R128 2019-09-03
i686 Libre ecasound 2.9.1-13.par1 Command-line multitrack audio processor, without nonfree faac recommendation 2019-04-30
i686 Community eq10q 2.2-3.1 Audio plugin bundle over the LV2 standard for Linux 2019-05-21
i686 Community eteroj.lv2 0.6.0-1.4 Open Sound Control for LV2 2019-09-21
i686 Community fabla 1.3.2-2.4 An open-source LV2 drum sampler plugin instrument 2019-09-21
i686 Community faust 2.15.11-2.0 A functional programming language for realtime audio signal processing. 2019-10-17
i686 Community fil-plugins 0.3.0-6.1 LADSPA four-band parametric equaliser plugins 2019-01-04
i686 Community fluajho 1.4-1.0 A simple sf2 soundfont host/player 2019-10-21
i686 Extra fluidsynth 2.0.9-1.0 A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications 2019-11-17
i686 Community fomp.lv2 1.0.0-4.1 An LV2 port of the MCP, VCO, FIL, and WAH plugins by Fons Adriaensen. 2019-09-21
i686 Community foxdot 0.8.3-1.0 Live Coding with Python 2019-11-06
i686 Community freewheeling 0.6.5-2.2 A live looper 2019-09-03
i686 Community g2reverb 0.7.1-5.1 LADSPA stereo reverb plugin based on greverb 2019-01-04
i686 Community geonkick 1.9.0-1.0 A free software percussion synthesizer 2019-10-24
i686 Community giada 0.15.4-3.1 A free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians 2019-09-03
i686 Community gmsynth.lv2 0.4.0-1.0 General MIDI LV2 Synth 2019-10-24
i686 Community guitarix2 0.38.1-2.0 A simple mono guitar amplifier and FX for JACK using Faust 2019-10-17
i686 Community helm 0.9.0-7.1 A cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer, available standalone and as an LV2 plugin 2019-01-04
i686 Community hexter 1.1.0-2.3 A Yamaha DX7 modeling software synthesizer for the DSSI Soft Synth Interface 2019-09-21
i686 Libre hydrogen 1.0.0beta1-1.par1 An advanced drum machine, without nonfree drumkits recommendation 2019-08-05
i686 Community infamousplugins 0.3.0-1.2 A collection of open-source LV2 plugins 2019-09-21
i686 Community ir.lv2 1.3.4-1.3 No-latency/low-latency, realtime, high performance signal convolver for reverb effects 2019-09-21
i686 Community jaaa 0.9.2-1.2 JACK and ALSA Audio Analyser 2019-03-30
i686 Community jack_capture 0.9.73-7.2 Simple command line tool to record JACK audio output to a file 2019-09-03
i686 Community jacktrip 1.1-5.2 Tool to manage and tune JACK settings for optimum performance between networked machines. 2019-03-29
i686 Community-Staging jalv 1.6.4-2.0 A simple but fully featured LV2 host for Jack 2019-11-13
i686 Community jalv 1.6.2-2.1 A simple but fully featured LV2 host for Jack 2019-09-21
i686 Community japa 0.9.2-1.2 A 'perceptual' or 'psychoacoustic' audio spectrum analyser 2019-03-30
i686 Community jconvolver 1.0.3-1.1 A real-time convolution engine 2019-05-21
i686 Community jnoisemeter 0.2.2-1.2 Measure audio test signals and in particular noise signals 2019-03-30
i686 Community lmms 1.2.1-2.0 The Linux MultiMedia Studio 2019-11-12
i686 Community lsp-plugins 1.1.10-1.2 Collection of free plugins compatible with LADSPA, LV2 and LinuxVST 2019-09-21
i686 Community luppp 1.2.1-1.1 A music creation tool, intended for live use 2019-09-21
i686 Community lv2file 0.84-2.3 A simple program which you can use to apply effects to your audio files 2019-05-21
i686 Community marsyas 0.5.0-6.5 Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesis for Audio Signals 2019-05-21
i686 Community mcp-plugins 0.4.0-5.1 A set of LADSPA filters plugins 2019-01-04
i686 Community mda.lv2 1.2.2-3.0 A port of the MDA VST plugins to LV2 2018-06-12
i686 Community mephisto.lv2 0.2.0-1.0 A Just-in-Time FAUST compiler embedded in an LV2 plugin 2019-10-17
i686 Community meterbridge 0.9.3-2.1 Collection of Audio meters for the JACK audio server 2019-09-03
i686 Community midi_matrix.lv2 0.22.0-1.2 A plugin for MIDI channel filtering, multiplication and rerouting 2019-09-21
i686 Community-Staging mixxx 2.2.2-3.0 Free, open source software for digital DJ'ing. 2019-11-14
i686 Community mixxx 2.2.2-1.1 Free, open source software for digital DJ'ing. 2019-09-21
i686 Community moony.lv2 0.30.0-1.0 Easily add realtime programmable logic glue in LV2 plugin graphs 2019-10-24
i686 Community njconnect 1.6-2.1 Curses JACK connection manager 2019-01-04
i686 Community noise-repellent 0.1.4-2.2 An lv2 plug-in for broadband noise reduction 2019-03-30
i686 Community non-mixer 1.2.0-2.0 A powerful, reliable and fast modular Digital Audio Mixer 2018-04-30
i686 Community non-sequencer 1.9.5-2.0 A powerful, lightweight, real-time, pattern-based MIDI sequencer 2018-04-30
i686 Community non-session-manager 1.2.0-2.0 An API and an implementation for session management in the context of Linux Audio 2018-04-30
i686 Community non-timeline 1.2.0-2.0 A powerful, reliable and fast modular Digital Audio Timeline arranger 2018-04-30
i686 Community opnplug 1.0.1-2.1 FM synthesizer for OPNMIDI with OPN2 chip emulation 2019-09-21
i686 Community osc2midi 0.2.5-1.0 A highly flexible and configurable OSC to JACK MIDI (and back) bridge 2018-12-06
i686 Community osmid 0.6.8-1.1 A lightweight, portable, easy to use tool to convert MIDI to OSC and OSC to MIDI 2019-09-03
i686 Community padthv1 0.9.11-1.0 An old-school polyphonic additive synthesizer 2019-11-08
i686 Community patchmatrix 0.16.0-1.0 A JACK patchbay in flow matrix style 2019-10-21
i686 Community patroneo 1.4-2.0 An easy to use pattern based midi sequencer 2019-11-08
i686 Community pd 0.50.2-1.0 The Pure Data real-time music and multimedia environment 2019-10-15
i686 Community pd-lua 0.9-2.0 LUA embedding for pd 2018-12-05
i686 Community polyphone 2.0.1-4.0 A soundfont editor for quickly designing musical instruments 2019-08-17
i686 Community pvoc 0.1.12-4.6 LADSPLA plugins and a tool for time compression/expansion using phase-vocoding 2019-09-21
i686 Community qastools 0.22.0-1.0 A collection of desktop applications for the Linux sound system ALSA. 2019-10-15
i686 Community qjackctl 0.6.0-1.0 A Qt front-end for the JACK low-latency audio server 2019-10-20
i686 Community qmidiarp 0.6.5-3.2 A MIDI arpeggiator, phrase generator and controller LFO for the ALSA sequencer. 2019-03-30
i686 Community qmidictl 0.6.0-1.0 MIDI remote control application sending MIDI data over network using UDP/IP multicast 2019-10-20
i686 Community qmidinet 0.6.0-1.0 A MIDI Network Gateway via UDP/IP Multicast 2019-10-20
i686 Community qmidiroute 0.4.0-6.2 A MIDI router and filter utility 2019-03-30
i686 Community qsynth 0.6.0-1.0 Qt GUI for FluidSynth 2019-10-20
i686 Community qtractor 0.9.11-1.0 Audio/MIDI multitrack sequencer 2019-11-17
i686 Community qxgedit 0.6.0-1.0 GUI for editing MIDI System Exclusive files for XG devices (eg. Yamaha DB50XG) 2019-10-25
i686 Community realtime-privileges 2-1.0 Realtime privileges for users 2018-09-13
i686 Community rev-plugins 0.7.1-5.1 LADSPA stereo and ambisonic reverb plugin based on zita-rev1 2019-01-04
i686 Community rosegarden 19.06-1.1 MIDI/audio sequencer and notation editor 2019-09-03
i686 Community samplv1 0.9.11-1.0 Polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx 2019-11-08
i686 Community sc3-plugins 3.10.0-3.1 Extension plugins for the SuperCollider3 audio synthesis server. 2019-08-17
i686 Community setbfree 0.8.10-1.0 DSP tonewheel organ 2019-10-24
i686 Community sherlock.lv2 0.20.0-1.0 An investigative plugin bundle 2019-10-21
i686 Community snd 19.8-1.0 An advanced sound editor 2019-10-21
i686 Community solfege 3.23.4-1.1 Music education and ear training software 2019-09-21
i686 Community sonic-pi 3.1.0-7.0 The Live Coding Music Synth for Everyone 2019-05-03
i686 Community sonic-visualiser 4.0-1.0 A viewer and analyser of music audio files. 2019-10-27
i686 Community sorcer 1.1.3-2.4 A polyphonic wavetable synth LV2 plugin 2019-09-21
i686 Community spectmorph 0.5.0-1.2 Analyze samples of musical instruments and combine them (morphing) 2019-09-21
i686 Libre supercollider 3.10.1-2.parabola1 Environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition (built without qt5-webengine) 2019-02-09
i686 Community sweep 0.9.3-5.3 Sound editing and mixing program 2019-09-21
i686 Community swh-plugins 0.4.17-3.2 Steve Harris' LADSPA plug-ins suite 2019-03-30
i686 Community synthv1 0.9.11-1.0 Old-school all-digital 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer with stereo fx 2019-11-08
i686 Community tap-plugins 1.0.0-3.4 Tom's LADSPA Plugins 2019-09-21
i686 Community-Staging tidalcycles 1.4.4-1.0 A domain specific language for live coding pattern. 2019-10-25
i686 Community tidalcycles 1.4.2-8.0 A domain specific language for live coding pattern. 2019-10-28
i686 Community timidity++ 2.15.0-2.2 A MIDI to WAVE converter and player 2019-09-03
i686 Community vamp-aubio-plugins 0.5.1-3.1 Onset detection, pitch tracking, note tracking and tempo tracking plugins using aubio 2019-01-04
i686 Community vamp-plugin-sdk 2.9.0-1.0 The Vamp audio analysis plug-in system 2019-11-16
i686 Community vco-plugins 0.3.0-5.2 LADSPA anti-aliased oscillator plugins 2019-03-30
i686 Community vico 1.0-1.0 Minimalistic Midi sequencer intended to be used in parallel with other software 2019-10-17
i686 Community vm.lv2 0.6.0-1.2 A virtual machine LV2 plugin bundle 2019-09-21
i686 Community vmpk 0.7.2-1.0 Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 2019-09-03
i686 Community wah-plugins 0.1.0-5.2 LADSPA Wah filter plugin 2019-03-30
i686 Community wolf-shaper 0.1.7-1.2 A waveshaper plugin with a graph editor 2019-09-21
i686 Community wolf-spectrum 1.0.0-1.3 A spectrogram plugin 2019-09-21
i686 Community x42-plugins 20191013-1.0 Collection of LV2 plugins 2019-10-21
i686 Community yass 0.1.0-1.2 Yet Another Scrolling Scope 2019-03-30
i686 Community-Testing yoshimi A sophisticated soft-synth originally forked from ZynAddSubFX 2019-11-13
i686 Community yoshimi A sophisticated soft-synth originally forked from ZynAddSubFX 2019-10-27
i686 Community zam-plugins 3.11-1.2 Collection of LADSPA/LV2/VST/JACK audio plugins for high-quality processing 2019-09-21
i686 Community zita-ajbridge 0.8.2-1.2 Jack client to use additional ALSA devices. 2019-03-30
i686 Community zita-at1 0.6.2-2.3 An 'autotuner' Jack application. 2019-05-21
i686 Community zita-bls1 0.3.3-2.3 Blumlein Shuffler (binaural stereo signals to convential stereo speaker conversion) 2019-05-21
i686 Community zita-dc1 0.3.3-1.2 Dynamics Compressor 2019-09-03
i686 Community zita-dpl1 0.3.3-2.3 A look-ahead digital peak level limiter 2019-05-21
i686 Community zita-lrx 0.1.2-1.2 Command line JACK application providing 2, 3, or 4-band, 4th order crossover filters 2019-03-30
i686 Community zita-mu1 0.3.3-2.3 A simple JACK app used to organise stereo monitoring 2019-05-21
i686 Community zita-njbridge 0.4.4-1.2 Jack client to transmit audio over a local IP network. 2019-03-30
i686 Community zita-rev1 0.2.2-1.3 A reworked jack version of the reverb originally developed for Aeolus. 2019-05-21
i686 Community zynaddsubfx 3.0.5-1.3 Opensource software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments. 2019-09-21