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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Community contractor 0.3.4-2.0 A desktop-wide extension service 2019-01-04
i686 Community elementary-icon-theme 5.0.2-1.0 Named, vector icons for elementary OS 2019-01-17
i686 Community granite 5.2.2-1.0 Library that extends Gtk+ 2019-01-04
i686 Pcr gtk-theme-elementary 5.0.3-2 The official elementary GTK theme designed to be smooth, attractive, fast, and usable. 2018-07-18
i686 Community pantheon-files 4.0-2.0 The Pantheon File Browser 2019-01-04
i686 Community pantheon-music 5.0.1-1.0 The Pantheon Music Player 2019-01-04
i686 Community pantheon-terminal 5.3.2-1.0 The Pantheon Terminal Emulator 2019-01-04
i686 Community-Testing pantheon-terminal 5.3.3-1.0 The Pantheon Terminal Emulator 2019-01-15
i686 Community-Testing pantheon-videos 2.6.3-1.0 The Pantheon Video Player 2019-01-15
i686 Community pantheon-videos 2.6.2-1.0 The Pantheon Video Player 2019-01-04