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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Community caja 1.24.0-1.0 File manager for the MATE desktop 2020-03-03
i686 Community marco 1.24.0-1.0 A window manager for MATE 2020-03-03
i686 Community mate-backgrounds 1.24.0-1.0 Background images and data for MATE 2020-03-03
i686 Community mate-control-center 1.24.0-1.0 The Control Center for MATE 2020-03-20
i686 Community mate-desktop 1.24.0-1.0 Library with common API for various MATE modules 2020-03-03
i686 Community mate-icon-theme 1.24.0-1.0 MATE icon theme 2020-03-03
i686 Community mate-menus 1.24.0-1.1 MATE menu specifications 2020-03-07
i686 Community mate-notification-daemon 1.24.0-1.1 Notification daemon for MATE 2020-03-07
i686 Community mate-panel 1.24.0-1.0 The MATE Panel 2020-03-03
i686 Community mate-polkit 1.24.0-1.1 PolicyKit integration for the MATE desktop 2020-03-07
i686 Community mate-session-manager 1.24.0-1.1 The MATE Session Handler 2020-03-07
i686 Community mate-settings-daemon 1.24.0-1.0 The MATE Settings daemon 2020-03-20
i686 Community mate-themes 3.22.21-1.0 Default themes for the MATE desktop 2020-03-03
i686 Community mate-user-guide 1.24.0-1.0 MATE User Guide 2020-03-03