Group Details - linux-libre-tools (i686)

8 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Libre cgroup_event_listener 4.19_gnu-1 Simple listener of cgroup events 2018-12-19
i686 Libre cpupower 4.19_gnu-1 GNU/Linux-libre kernel tool to examine and tune power saving related features of your processor 2018-12-19
i686 Libre libtraceevent 4.19_gnu-1 GNU/Linux-libre kernel trace event library 2018-12-19
i686 Libre perf 4.19_gnu-1 GNU/Linux-libre kernel performance auditing tool 2018-12-19
i686 Libre tmon 4.19_gnu-1 Monitoring and Testing Tool for GNU/Linux-libre kernel thermal subsystem 2018-12-19
i686 Libre turbostat 4.19_gnu-1 Report processor frequency and idle statistics 2018-12-19
i686 Libre usbip 4.19_gnu-1 An USB device sharing system over IP network 2018-12-19
i686 Libre x86_energy_perf_policy 4.19_gnu-1 Read or write MSR_IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS 2018-12-19