Group Details - kdepim (i686)

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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Extra akonadi-calendar-tools 16.12.3-1 CLI tools to manage akonadi calendars 2017-03-10
i686 Extra akonadiconsole 16.12.3-1 Akonadi management and debugging console 2017-03-10
i686 Extra akonadi-import-wizard 16.12.3-1 Import data from other mail clients to KMail 2017-03-10
i686 Extra akregator 16.12.3-1 A Feed Reader by KDE 2017-03-10
i686 Extra blogilo 16.12.3-1 A KDE blogging client 2017-03-10
i686 Nonprism blogilo 16.12.2-1.nonprism1 A KDE blogging client, without libkgapi support 2017-02-12
i686 Extra grantlee-editor 16.12.3-1 Editor for Grantlee themes 2017-03-10
i686 Extra kaddressbook 16.12.3-1 KDE contact manager 2017-03-10
i686 Extra kalarm 16.12.3-1 Personal alarm scheduler 2017-03-10
i686 Nonprism kdepim-addons 16.12.3-1.parabola1.nonprism1 Addons for KDE PIM applications, without libkgapi and nonfree qt5-webengine support 2017-03-10
i686 Libre kdepim-addons 16.12.3-1.parabola1 Addons for KDE PIM applications, without nonfree qt5-webengine support 2017-03-10
i686 Extra kleopatra 16.12.3-1 Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI 2017-03-10
i686 Extra kmail 16.12.3-1 KDE mail client 2017-03-10
i686 Nonprism kmail 16.12.2-1.nonprism1 KDE mail client, without pim-storage-service-manager and Phishing Google System support 2017-02-11
i686 Extra kmail-account-wizard 16.12.3-1 KMail account wizard 2017-03-10
i686 Extra knotes 16.12.3-1 Popup notes 2017-03-10
i686 Extra kontact 16.12.3-1 KDE Personal Information Manager 2017-03-10
i686 Extra korganizer 16.12.3-1 Calendar and scheduling Program 2017-03-10
i686 Extra mbox-importer 16.12.3-1 Import mbox files to KMail 2017-03-10
i686 Extra pim-data-exporter 16.12.3-1 Import and export KDE PIM settings 2017-03-10
i686 Extra pim-sieve-editor 16.12.3-1 Mail sieve editor 2017-03-10
i686 Extra pim-storage-service-manager 16.12.3-1 KDE PIM storage services configuration UI 2017-03-10