Group Details - kdegraphics (i686)

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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Extra gwenview 19.12.3-1.0 A fast and easy to use image viewer 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kamera 19.12.3-1.0 KDE integration for gphoto2 cameras 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kcolorchooser 19.12.3-1.0 Color Chooser 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kdegraphics-mobipocket 19.12.3-1.0 A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdegraphics-thumbnailers 19.12.3-1.0 Thumbnailers for various graphics file formats 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kolourpaint 19.12.3-1.0 Paint Program 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kruler 19.12.3-1.0 Screen Ruler 2020-03-10
i686 Libre okular 19.12.3-3.parabola1 Document Viewer, with copy-protection anti-feature turned off by default and without nonfree unrar recommendation 2020-03-26
i686 Extra spectacle 19.12.3-1.0 KDE screenshot capture utility 2020-03-10