Group Details - kde-utilities (i686)

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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Libre ark 23.08.4-1.parabola1 Archiving Tool 2024-01-06 2024-03-07
i686 Extra filelight 23.04.2-1.0 View disk usage information 2023-07-02
i686 Extra kalk 23.04.2-1.0 A powerful cross-platform calculator application built with the Kirigami framework 2023-06-28
i686 Extra kate 23.04.2-1.0 Advanced text editor 2023-07-02
i686 Extra kbackup 23.04.2-1.0 A program that lets you back up any directories or files 2023-06-23
i686 Extra kcalc 23.04.2-1.0 Scientific Calculator 2023-06-29
i686 Extra kcharselect 23.04.2-1.0 Character Selector 2023-06-30
i686 Extra kdebugsettings 23.04.2-1.0 An application to enable/disable qCDebug 2023-06-29
i686 Extra kdf 23.04.2-1.0 View Disk Usage 2023-06-23
i686 Extra kdialog 23.04.2-1.0 A utility for displaying dialog boxes from shell scripts 2023-06-23
i686 Extra keditbookmarks 23.04.2-1.0 Bookmark Organizer and Editor 2023-06-25
i686 Extra keysmith 23.08.0-2.0 OTP client for Plasma Mobile and Desktop 2023-09-19
i686 Extra kfind 23.04.2-1.0 Find Files/Folders 2023-07-01
i686 Extra kfloppy 23.04.2-1.0 Floppy Formatter 2023-06-29
i686 Extra kgpg 22.12.2-1.0 A GnuPG frontend 2023-02-19
i686 Extra kongress 23.04.2-1.0 Companion application for conferences 2023-06-27
i686 Extra konsole 23.04.2-1.0 KDE terminal emulator 2023-07-02
i686 Extra krecorder 23.04.2-1.0 Audio recorder for Plasma Mobile and other platforms 2023-06-27
i686 Extra kteatime 23.04.2-1.0 A handy timer for steeping tea 2023-06-25
i686 Extra ktimer 23.04.2-1.0 Countdown Launcher 2023-06-23
i686 Extra ktrip 23.04.2-1.0 Public Transport Assistance for Mobile Devices 2023-06-29
i686 Extra kwalletmanager 23.04.2-1.0 Wallet management tool 2023-06-23
i686 Extra kweather 23.04.2-1.0 Weather application for Plasma Mobile 2023-07-03
i686 Extra kwrite 22.04.3-1.0 Text Editor 2022-07-16
i686 Extra markdownpart 23.04.2-1.0 KPart for rendering Markdown content 2023-06-25
i686 Extra print-manager 23.04.2-1.0 A tool for managing print jobs and printers 2023-07-03
i686 Extra skanpage 23.04.2-1.0 Utility to scan images and multi-page documents 2023-07-03
i686 Extra sweeper 23.04.2-1.0 System Cleaner 2023-07-01
i686 Extra telly-skout 23.04.2-1.0 Convergent TV guide based on Kirigami 2023-06-27
i686 Extra yakuake 23.04.2-1.0 A drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE konsole technology 2023-07-02