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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
i686 Extra akonadi-calendar-tools 19.12.3-1.0 CLI tools to manage akonadi calendars 2020-03-07
i686 Extra akonadiconsole 19.12.3-1.0 Akonadi management and debugging console 2020-03-07
i686 Extra akonadi-import-wizard 19.12.3-1.0 Import data from other mail clients to KMail 2020-03-10
i686 Extra akregator 19.12.3-1.0 A Feed Reader by KDE 2020-03-07
i686 Libre ark 19.12.3-1.par1 Archiving Tool, with unarchiver support 2020-03-26
i686 Extra artikulate 19.12.3-1.0 Improve your pronunciation by listening to native speakers 2020-03-07
i686 Extra audiocd-kio 19.12.3-1.0 Kioslave for accessing audio CDs 2020-03-10
i686 Extra blinken 19.12.3-1.0 Memory Enhancement Game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra bomber 19.12.3-1.0 A single player arcade game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra bovo 19.12.3-1.0 A Gomoku like game for two players 2020-03-07
i686 Extra cantor 18.08.3-1.0 KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software 2018-11-14
i686 Extra cervisia 19.12.3-1.0 CVS Frontend 2020-03-07
i686 Extra dolphin 19.12.3-1.0 KDE File Manager 2020-03-07
i686 Extra dolphin-plugins 19.12.3-1.0 Extra Dolphin plugins 2020-03-10
i686 Extra dragon 19.12.3-1.0 A multimedia player where the focus is on simplicity, instead of features 2020-03-10
i686 Extra elisa 19.12.3-1.0 A simple music player aiming to provide a nice experience for its users 2020-03-10
i686 Extra ffmpegthumbs 19.12.3-1.0 FFmpeg-based thumbnail creator for video files 2020-03-23
i686 Extra filelight 19.12.3-1.0 View disk usage information 2020-03-10
i686 Extra granatier 19.12.3-1.0 A clone of the classic Bomberman game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra grantlee-editor 19.12.3-1.0 Editor for Grantlee themes 2020-03-07
i686 Extra gwenview 19.12.3-1.0 A fast and easy to use image viewer 2020-03-10
i686 Extra juk 19.12.3-1.0 A jukebox, tagger and music collection manager 2020-03-07
i686 Extra k3b 1:19.12.3-1.0 Feature-rich and easy to handle CD burning application 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kaccounts-integration 19.12.3-1.0 Small system to administer web accounts for the sites and services across the KDE desktop, including: Google, Facebook, Owncloud, IMAP, Jabber and others 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kaccounts-providers 19.12.3-1.0 Small system to administer web accounts for the sites and services across the KDE desktop, including: Google, Facebook, Owncloud, IMAP, Jabber and others 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kaddressbook 19.12.3-1.0 KDE contact manager 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kajongg 19.12.3-1.0 The ancient Chinese board game for 4 players 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kalarm 19.12.3-1.0 Personal alarm scheduler 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kalgebra 19.12.3-1.0 Graph Calculator 2020-03-07
i686 Testing kalzium 19.12.3-1.0 Periodic Table of Elements 2020-03-21
i686 Extra kalzium 19.08.1-1.1 Periodic Table of Elements 2019-09-21
i686 Extra kamera 19.12.3-1.0 KDE integration for gphoto2 cameras 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kamoso 19.12.3-1.0 A webcam recorder from KDE community 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kanagram 19.12.2-1.0 Letter Order Game 2020-02-10
i686 Testing kanagram 19.12.3-1.0 Letter Order Game 2020-03-20
i686 Extra kapman 19.12.3-1.0 A clone of the well known game Pac-Man 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kapptemplate 19.12.3-1.0 KDE Template Generator 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kate 19.12.3-1.0 Advanced Text Editor 2020-03-23
i686 Extra katomic 19.12.3-1.0 A fun and educational game built around molecular geometry 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kbackup 19.12.3-1.0 A program that lets you back up any directories or files 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kblackbox 19.12.3-1.0 A game of hide and seek played on a grid of boxes 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kblocks 19.12.3-1.0 The classic falling blocks game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kbounce 19.12.3-1.0 A single player arcade game with the elements of puzzle 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kbreakout 19.12.3-1.0 A Breakout-like game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kbruch 19.12.2-1.0 Exercise Fractions 2020-02-10
i686 Testing kbruch 19.12.3-1.0 Exercise Fractions 2020-03-20
i686 Extra kcachegrind 19.12.3-1.0 Visualization of Performance Profiling Data 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kcalc 19.12.3-1.0 Scientific Calculator 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kcharselect 19.12.3-1.0 Character Selector 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kcolorchooser 19.12.3-1.0 Color Chooser 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kcron 19.12.3-1.0 Configure and schedule tasks 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdebugsettings 19.12.3-1.0 An application to enable/disable qCDebug 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kde-dev-scripts 19.12.3-1.0 Scripts and setting files useful during development of KDE software 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kde-dev-utils 19.12.3-1.0 Small utilities for developers using KDE/Qt libs/frameworks 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdegraphics-mobipocket 19.12.3-1.0 A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdegraphics-thumbnailers 19.12.3-1.0 Thumbnailers for various graphics file formats 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kdenetwork-filesharing 19.12.3-1.0 Properties dialog plugin to share a directory with the local network 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdenlive 19.12.3-1.0 A non-linear video editor for Linux using the MLT video framework 2020-03-07
i686 Nonprism kdepim-addons 16.12.3-1.parabola2.nonprism1 Addons for KDE PIM applications, without libkgapi support (built without nonfree qt5-webengine) 2017-04-07
i686 Libre kdepim-addons 17.08.3-1.parabola1 Addons for KDE PIM applications (built without nonfree qt5-webengine) 2019-02-08 2019-10-04
i686 Extra kdesdk-kioslaves 19.12.3-1.0 KDE SDK KIO-Slaves 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdesdk-thumbnailers 19.12.3-1.0 Plugins for the thumbnailing system 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdf 19.12.3-1.0 View Disk Usage 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kdialog 19.12.3-1.0 A utility for displaying dialog boxes from shell scripts 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kdiamond 19.12.3-1.0 A single player puzzle game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra keditbookmarks 19.12.3-1.0 Bookmark Organizer and Editor 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kfind 19.12.3-1.0 Find Files/Folders 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kfloppy 19.12.3-1.0 Floppy Formatter 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kfourinline 19.12.3-1.0 A four-in-a-row game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kgeography 19.12.2-1.0 Geography Trainer 2020-02-10
i686 Testing kgeography 19.12.3-1.0 Geography Trainer 2020-03-20
i686 Extra kget 19.12.3-1.0 Download Manager 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kgoldrunner 19.12.3-1.0 A game of action and puzzle solving 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kgpg 19.12.3-1.0 A GnuPG frontend 2020-03-10
i686 Testing khangman 19.12.3-1.0 Hangman Game 2020-03-20
i686 Extra khangman 19.12.2-1.0 Hangman Game 2020-02-10
i686 Extra khelpcenter 19.12.3-1.0 Application to show KDE Applications' documentation 2020-03-07
i686 Testing kig 19.12.3-1.0 Interactive Geometry 2020-03-20
i686 Extra kig 19.12.1-1.0 Interactive Geometry 2020-01-17
i686 Extra kigo 19.12.3-1.0 An open-source implementation of the popular Go game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra killbots 19.12.3-1.0 A simple game of evading killer robots 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kimagemapeditor 19.12.3-1.0 HTML Image Map Editor 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kio-extras 19.12.3-1.0 Additional components to increase the functionality of KIO 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kirigami-gallery 19.12.3-1.0 Gallery application built using Kirigami 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kiriki 19.12.3-1.0 An addictive and fun dice game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kiten 19.12.2-1.0 Japanese Reference/Study Tool 2020-02-10
i686 Testing kiten 19.12.3-1.0 Japanese Reference/Study Tool 2020-03-20
i686 Extra kjumpingcube 19.12.3-1.0 A simple tactical game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kleopatra 19.12.3-1.0 Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI 2020-03-07
i686 Extra klettres 19.12.2-1.0 Learn The Alphabet 2020-02-10
i686 Testing klettres 19.12.3-1.0 Learn The Alphabet 2020-03-20
i686 Extra klickety 19.12.3-1.0 An adaptation of the Clickomania game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra klines 19.12.3-1.0 A simple but highly addictive one player game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmag 19.12.3-1.0 Screen Magnifier 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmahjongg 19.12.3-1.0 A tile matching game for one or two players 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmail 19.12.3-1.0 KDE mail client 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmail-account-wizard 19.12.3-1.0 KMail account wizard 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmines 19.12.3-1.0 The classic Minesweeper game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmix 19.12.3-1.0 KDE volume control program 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmousetool 19.12.3-1.0 Clicks the mouse for you, reducing the effects of RSI 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmouth 19.12.3-1.0 Speech Synthesizer Frontend 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kmplot 19.12.3-1.0 Mathematical Function Plotter 2020-03-07
i686 Extra knavalbattle 19.12.3-1.0 A ship sinking game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra knetwalk 19.12.3-1.0 Connect all the terminals to the server, in as few turns as possible 2020-03-07
i686 Extra knights 19.12.3-1.0 Chess board by KDE with XBoard protocol support 2020-03-07
i686 Extra knotes 19.12.3-1.0 Popup notes 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kolf 19.12.3-1.0 A miniature golf game with 2d top-down view 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kollision 19.12.3-1.0 A simple ball dodging game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kolourpaint 19.12.3-1.0 Paint Program 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kompare 19.12.3-1.0 Graphical file differences tool 2020-03-23
i686 Libre konqueror 17.12.1-1.parabola1 KDE File Manager & Web Browser, without Google, nonfree software recommendation and nonfree qt5-webengine support 2018-02-07 2018-03-07
i686 Extra konquest 19.12.3-1.0 The KDE version of Gnu-Lactic 2020-03-07
i686 Extra konsole 19.12.3-1.0 KDE's terminal emulator 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kontact 19.12.3-1.0 KDE Personal Information Manager 2020-03-07
i686 Nonprism kopete 18.12.2-1.parabola1.nonprism1 None 2019-02-09
i686 Libre kopete 18.08.1-1.parabola1 Instant Messenger, without nonfree Skype support 2018-09-13
i686 Extra korganizer 19.12.3-1.0 Calendar and scheduling Program 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kpatience 19.12.3-1.0 Offers a selection of solitaire card games 2020-03-07
i686 Extra krdc 19.12.3-1.0 Remote Desktop Client 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kreversi 19.12.3-1.0 A simple one player strategy game played against the computer 2020-03-07
i686 Extra krfb 19.12.3-1.0 Desktop Sharing 2020-03-07
i686 Testing krfb 19.12.3-3.0 Desktop Sharing 2020-03-20
i686 Extra kross-interpreters 19.12.3-1.0 Language interpreters to enable in-process scripting with Kross 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kruler 19.12.3-1.0 Screen Ruler 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kshisen 19.12.3-1.0 A solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles 2020-03-07
i686 Extra ksirk 19.12.3-1.0 A computerized version of a well known strategy game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra ksnakeduel 19.12.3-1.0 A simple snake duel game 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kspaceduel 19.12.3-1.0 Each of two possible players controls a satellite spaceship orbiting the sun 2020-03-07
i686 Extra ksquares 19.12.3-1.0 A game modeled after the well known pen and paper based game of Dots and Boxes 2020-03-07
i686 Extra ksudoku 19.12.3-1.0 A logic-based symbol placement puzzle 2020-03-07
i686 Extra ksystemlog 19.12.3-1.0 System log viewer tool 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kteatime 19.12.3-1.0 A handy timer for steeping tea 2020-03-10
i686 Extra ktimer 19.12.3-1.0 Countdown Launcher 2020-03-10
i686 Extra ktouch 19.12.3-1.0 Touch Typing Tutor 2020-03-07
i686 Extra ktuberling 19.12.3-1.0 A simple constructor game suitable for children and adults alike 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kturtle 19.12.3-1.0 Educational Programming Environment 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kubrick 19.12.3-1.0 Based on the famous Rubik's Cube 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kwalletmanager 19.12.3-1.0 Wallet management tool 2020-03-10
i686 Extra kwave 19.12.3-1.0 A sound editor for KDE 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kwordquiz 19.12.3-1.0 Flash Card Trainer 2020-03-07
i686 Extra kwrite 19.12.3-1.0 Text Editor 2020-03-23
i686 Extra lokalize 19.12.3-1.0 Computer-Aided Translation System 2020-03-07
i686 Extra lskat 19.12.3-1.0 Lieutenant Skat is a fun and engaging card game for two players 2020-03-10
i686 Extra marble 19.12.3-1.0 Desktop Globe 2020-03-10
i686 Extra mbox-importer 19.12.3-1.0 Import mbox files to KMail 2020-03-07
i686 Extra minuet 19.12.3-1.0 A KDE Software for Music Education 2020-03-07
i686 Libre okular 19.12.3-3.parabola1 Document Viewer, with copy-protection anti-feature turned off by default and without nonfree unrar recommendation 2020-03-26
i686 Extra palapeli 19.12.3-1.0 A single-player jigsaw puzzle game 2020-03-10
i686 Libre parley 17.12.1-1.parabola1 Vocabulary Trainer, without qt5-webengine 2018-01-18
i686 Extra picmi 19.12.3-1.0 A nonogram logic game for KDE 2020-03-10
i686 Extra pim-data-exporter 19.12.3-1.0 Import and export KDE PIM settings 2020-03-07
i686 Extra pim-sieve-editor 19.12.3-1.0 Mail sieve editor 2020-03-07
i686 Extra poxml 19.12.3-1.0 Translates DocBook XML files using gettext po files 2020-03-07
i686 Extra print-manager 19.12.3-1.0 A tool for managing print jobs and printers 2020-03-10
i686 Extra rocs 19.12.3-1.0 Graph Theory IDE 2020-03-23
i686 Extra signon-kwallet-extension 19.12.3-1.0 KWallet integration for signon framework 2020-03-10
i686 Extra spectacle 19.12.3-1.0 KDE screenshot capture utility 2020-03-10
i686 Extra step 19.12.3-1.0 Interactive Physical Simulator 2020-03-07
i686 Extra sweeper 19.12.3-1.0 System Cleaner 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm 19.12.3-1.0 KCM Module for configuring Telepathy Instant Messaging Accounts 2020-03-07
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-approver 19.12.3-1.0 KDE Channel Approver for Telepathy 2020-03-07
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-auth-handler 19.12.3-1.0 Provide UI/KWallet Integration For Passwords and SSL Errors on Account Connect 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-call-ui 19.12.3-1.0 Voice/Video Call UI for Telepathy 2020-03-23
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-common-internals 19.12.3-1.0 Common components for KDE-Telepathy 2020-03-23
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-contact-list 19.12.3-1.0 KDE Telepathy contact list application 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-contact-runner 19.12.3-1.0 KRunner plugin for KDE Telepathy 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-desktop-applets 19.12.3-1.0 The KDE-Telepathy Plasma desktop applets 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-filetransfer-handler 19.12.3-1.0 KDE Telepathy file transfer handler 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-integration-module 19.12.3-1.0 Sits in KDED and takes care of various bits of system integration like setting user to auto-away or handling connection errors 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-send-file 19.12.3-1.0 A File manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact 2020-03-10
i686 Extra telepathy-kde-text-ui 19.12.3-1.0 Telepathy handler for Text Chats 2020-03-10
i686 Extra umbrello 19.12.2-1.0 UML modeller 2020-03-06
i686 Testing umbrello 19.12.3-1.0 UML modeller 2020-03-23
i686 Extra yakuake 19.12.3-1.0 A drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE konsole technology 2020-03-10
i686 Extra zeroconf-ioslave 19.12.3-1.0 Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf) 2020-03-07