Group Details - kdebase (armv7h)

9 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
armv7h Extra dolphin 19.08.3-1 KDE File Manager 2019-11-08
armv7h Extra kate 19.08.3-1 Advanced Text Editor 2019-11-08
armv7h Extra kdialog 19.08.3-1 A utility for displaying dialog boxes from shell scripts 2019-11-08
armv7h Extra keditbookmarks 19.08.3-1 Bookmark Organizer and Editor 2019-11-08
armv7h Extra kfind 19.08.3-1 Find Files/Folders 2019-11-08
armv7h Extra khelpcenter 19.08.3-1 Application to show KDE Applications' documentation 2019-11-08
armv7h Libre konqueror 17.12.3-1.parabola1 KDE File Manager & Web Browser, without Google, nonfree software recommendation and nonfree qt5-webengine support 2018-03-31
armv7h Extra konsole 19.08.3-1 KDE's terminal emulator 2019-11-08
armv7h Extra kwrite 19.08.3-1 Text Editor 2019-11-08