This is the unsecure version of the website

Hi! This is not the main site. You're seeing this message because you entered our website without using a secure connection. We like privacy for all so we've decided to serve our website only through secure channels. This is the only page on the whole site that can be accessed without a secure connection, all other pages will redirect to the secure version.

Enter the secure site

But my browser says the secure site is untrusted

This website's certificate issued by CAcert. Some web browsers or operating systems still don't provide CAcert's root certificate, so if you find a huge error message telling you're about to do something bad, come back here and keep reading.

Installing CAcert's root certificate

You should ask your web browser or operating system to include CAcert's root certificates.

You can install CAcert's root certificates yourself by downloading them and following these instructions on how to install them in your browser.

But installing the certificate sounds hard/complicated/boring

You could just click "Ignore", or "Add Exception", or however your browser words it. But then, you wouldn't know that the site is actually coming from us; there could be someone in the middle tricking you, or spying on you and looking at which webpages you visit.

I just want to get the installer ISOs

You can proceed to our ISOs download page on our wiki.